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Mandarin Information Technology Jobs (Mandarin IT Jobs)

When searching for Mandarin Chinese jobs online, you will find this is an extremely wide and popular sector, with many jobs and career opportunities. Mandarin IT Helpdesk Jobs, Mandarin Chinese Technical Support, Mandarin speaking Programming, Mandarin Chinese Software Developers and Mandarin IT Sales jobs are just a language jobs open to fluent Mandarin Chinese candidates. These are not always jobs which are only required by Information Technology companies. The continual rise in IT usage across all sectors has seen all types of employers, requiring candidates with IT skills, as well as language fluency.

The requirement for Mandarin Chinese language skills, combined with any level of IT knowledge would suggest that the recruiting company has customers or suppliers in China. When applying for entry-level IT jobs with Mandarin, or if you are applying into the IT field and use your Mandarin language skills, the most common entry point is Mandarin 1st Line Technical Support jobs or Mandarin Helpdesk jobs. Frequently these types of roles do not require extensive experience or an education in IT, but candidates must have a good grounding in hardware and software. There are many technical support centres in the UK and Ireland (similar to call centres) but these will usually be support centres for European territories, rather than global support to include China. Global support will often be located in culturally diverse, international technology hubs like Manchester, Glasgow and Brighton. Smaller, niche Information Technology companies supporting clients globally may also require Mandarin as a required language due to the rise of Chinese speaking customers located in these areas.

For fluent Mandarin Programming jobs, Mandarin speaking IT Analyst jobs or Mandarin IT Consultants, these will usually require specialist knowledge of relevant software. The list of potential software knowledge is endless and are too numerous to mention in an article such as this. For entry and mid-level jobs with Mandarin Chinese in the IT sector, the best start is to register and/or speak to a language recruitment specialist such as Language Talent. For specialist and high-end IT jobs with fluent Mandarin Chinese, it is usually best to start searching for a new job with one of the many IT recruitment agencies in the UK and Ireland. The Mandarin language will be required or will be an advantage, but your skill-set in your chosen IT field will be the most important of the requirements for the role.

When applying directly to language recruitment agencies such as Language Talent, or employers recruiting for their Mandarin speaking Chinese Language Jobs in Information Technology (Mandarin IT jobs), it is advisable to tailor your CV to best reflect the skills and attributes the employer is looking for. Employers or recruitment agents will want to clearly and quickly see the relevant required skills on your CV. If you are applying for an entry level role, highlight any areas of your previous employment where you have used any particular software and also any software packages you have used during your education. Somewhere in your CV, it is advisable to include an ‘IT Skills’ section to highlight all and any IT software you have used and to what level of knowledge you possess. Include IT as your hobby (if it is true) to show that you have a passion for IT and want to find a good job in this industry and use your Mandarin Chinese language skills as well if possible. Include details of your knowledge of the internet and any experience you have with any hardware or software (built my own PC, configured a new router etc.).

For top-level fluent Mandarin jobs in Information Technology it is very important to clearly list all of the software and hardware you have experience with, and to what level. This is important as it will clearly highlight to the employer or recruitment agent that you possess the skills they are need. It also so means that your CV will rank higher on the (Boolean) database searches carried out by recruiters and/or employers. As your CV will be a digital document sitting on a database, this is crucial to ensure it is highly visible in searches.

If you are an employer who is looking to recruit for fluent Mandarin speaking IT candidates into technical support, helpdesk, development or other IT roles, it is always advisable to brief an appropriate agency on a contingency basis that has a clear understanding of this market. Language Talent has that understanding and we will be happy to help point you in the right direction.

If you are a Mandarin Chinese candidate looking for a job or career move in the UK and Ireland, find your ideal Mandarin Language Jobs in IT through Language Talent by visiting the website or calling +44 (0)207 2915130. We will be happy to advise you with tailoring your CV and where to look to find the best Mandarin jobs. If you are an employer in the IT sector, or you are recruiting for IT staff with fluent Mandarin, please call us to speak to one of our consultants who will consult and advise on our fluent Mandarin recruitment services, prices and terms. Alternatively email us at

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